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Safety At Home
Safety At Home

Safety At Home


Children and Safety in Australia


William Day

Accelerated Reader:

ATOS Level: 5.9










As children grow, their curiosity about the world can sometimes expose them to dangers. Parents and care-givers will not always be there to protect them every second of the day so teaching them about staying safe, healthy and happy is important for their development. This series will provide children in Primary School with strategies for responding to situations in which they feel unsafe, worried or upset. Recognising when someone else needs a helping hand, and knowing what to do in an emergency, are also vital skills that children can learn as they grow into citizens of the future.

Australian Curriculum topics covered in this series:
• Personal safety
• Emotions
• Recognising danger
• Making healthy choices
• Responding to others in need
• Online safety for children

Houses and gardens are full of potential dangers for children. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom or swimming pool, safety involves ensuring children learn safe behaviours and how to keep an eye on younger siblings. Children need to be able to recognise when the family pet could become aggressive, they should be able to decide if food is safe to eat, and they also need to know when to ask for help and how to contact emergency services if they have to. This book covers all these topics and more, providing both parents and children with strategies to stay safe at home.


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