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Tasmanian Devil
Tasmanian Devil

Tasmanian Devil






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A Tasmanian devil screeching in the forest sounds like a huge, fearsome animal. They certainly do have strong jaws and sharp teeth, but the Tasmanian devil is no bigger than a little dog. They can be aggressive and angry, but some of them allow zookeepers to cuddle them. They have double personalities, many survival issues, and are dangerously close to extinction. Australia has been an island continent surrounded by oceans for millions of years. During this long, long time, its animals have evolved into species that are unique and precious. Covered with feathers, fur, spikes or scales, Australia's wild creatures can be beautiful, frightening and even dangerous. Although all Australians know what kangaroos or koalas look like and where they live, there are many otherlocal animals whose ways of life are still a mystery, even to scientists. Find out about Australia's wonderful animals in this series, then look at them in a whole new way the next time you have a chance to get up close at a zoo, in the wild or in your own backyard.


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